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The most popular way of brewing beer at home is from kits. They are available in all the standard beer styles: Bitter, Mild, Lager, Stout, Barley Wine and some manufacturers include Light Ale, Brown Ale, Wheat Beer, Scottish Beers and Porters.

Beer kits are the easiest way to make your own beer, whether you are a beginner or an expert. The hardest part is choosing the beer you want from the wide selection available. All that is needed to make the beer is follow the basic instructions on the kit. In most cases, this means simply adding the contents of the kit into a fermenter, with the specified quantity of water, sugar and yeast, then keeping it at room temperature to complete the fermentation

Normally beer made from kits is ready for drinking in 21 days from starting the brew, but quality considerably improves if allowed to mature for another week or two.

When brewing beer from a kit, only the minimum of equipment is required an you can therefore start brewing straight away with very little expense.

If you can make a cup of tea, you can brew a pint of beer. Modern kits have reached such a high standard, that an excellent result is guaranteed every time - provided you carefully follow the instructions.

*** Click here to see a wide selection of beer kits ***